Mirella Randelman

Mirella Flores Randelman is a Victim Advocate Counselor & Multicultural Specialist at the Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Mirella is a native Spanish speaker and offers counseling and advocacy services in Spanish. Mirella enjoys working within university settings and has been a clinician at several counseling centers where she has provided individual therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention, campus outreach, and diversity, equity and inclusion training. Mirella approaches all facets of her work with the belief that sociocultural experiences are essential aspects to attend to in the healing process. As such, Mirella is devoted to fostering inclusivity for historically minoritized communities. Mirella has provided various trainings for clinicians and broader-university communities on how systems of power and oppression (¬-isms) impact mental health and healing. Although not exclusive, Mirella has a particular interest in addressing the roles of racism, colorism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, xenophobia, ableism, and classism. Mirella aims to bring a trauma-informed and intersectional lens into her counseling and advocacy services. When working with survivors of violence who hold minoritized identities, Mirella seeks to attune to how their salient cultural identities and oppressive experiences overlap with the traumatic event/s they have experienced. Within her clinical work, Mirella integrates various techniques, such as creativity, self-compassion, sensorimotor, mindfulness, dialectical behavioral, and cognitive interventions, with the overarching goal of helping clients gain new experiences of relating to themselves and others in manners that promote healing.