Suzanne Isaza

A survivor, speaker, and incest abuse prevention advocate, Suzanne Isaza is breaking the code of silence surrounding incest and sexual assault. She is the founder and co-director of Incest AWARE, the first-of-its-kind organization devoted exclusively to ending incest abuse through awareness and prevention, survivor support, and media education. Suzanne is also the founder of the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN), an organization launched to support survivor-advocates in their mission, and create a community of activists to cross-train, mentor, and network each other. Suzanne has delivered over 100 talks and conference presentations on many aspects of incest and sexual violence, including incest prevention, Sexual Assault 101, survivor advocacy and support, centering survivor voices, and others. She presents to national audiences about current topics in the field and trains groups both small and large on a range of related topics. You can learn more about her at Suzanneisaza.com and visit her organization IncestAWARE.org.